Reaching the full potential of Google Analytics together

Together with a few Peppered users and our partner MondoMarketing, we organised a working session on Google Tag Manager at the end of December. During this session, we looked at how Google Tag Manager has been applied by our users thus far and what cannot yet be accurately measured. From this, we have outlined a number of further initiatives that we can do to enhance the Google Tag Manager implementation for all of our users.

The best Google Tag Manager implementation

We at Peppered strive to provide you with the best Google Tag Manager (GTM) implementation and, as a result, make sure that the Data Layer is set up properly. The Data Layer is a section of code that GTM can use to transmit extra data from the website.

As a result, GTM's Data Layer is a strong trait because it allows us to identify information like product categories, sales numbers, and order process choices. Data of every kind that may be necessary for your organisation to use Google Analytics and do the relevant analyses.


Work session

We are always open to user suggestions to customise the Data Layer to suit everyone's wishes and needs. That is why we organised a work session.  We talked about the types of data that are currently difficult to assess accurately and how we might change this.



The work session produced several interesting ideas. For instance, we talked about how the ordering process might yield even more data and the need for a data layer that easier connects to Google Analytics 4.

On enhancements to the Data Layer, we continue to collaborate with a small user group that is highly active in GTM. In the upcoming time frame, this group will let us know what data they are missing. We at Peppered then consider how we may best address these points with the advise of MondoMarketing. We can expand the Data Layer in a way that benefits everyone by working together on this.

Get started with Google Tag Manager

Are you a Peppered user and do you want to get started with Google Tag Manager? Read in our knowledge base how to link GTM to your site ↗ and how to properly set the cookie banner for GTM ↗.