User Success Implementation Expert

Due to the growth of the organisation, Peppered is looking for a User success Implementation Expert. The passion for online marketing, and its application to the beautiful end product, with which thousands of people in several countries find their way to culture every day, makes Peppered an inspiring, professional environment.

About us

Peppered is home to the marketing SaaS (software as a service) Platform that empowers venues in the cultural domain to bring their arts or events to the world. We provide cultural organisations with superior web-, mail- and marketing solutions, at a fraction of the costs, by working as a collective.

We develop and expand our tools continuously, in which we combine a data-driven approach with input from clients, knowledge institutions, and research agencies. This unique combination of technique and insights - delivered via a SaaS model – delivers a huge contribution to the success of cultural organisations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, the UK, and the US.

We do not deliver websites, instead, we deliver systems and instruments that allow our User Success team to provide the best possible online marketing tools to our users. This is a one-of-a-kind company with a unique focus on software development, and a place where you can work on technology ranging from web typography and (micro-) animations, to API integrations and multi-media, from CSS all the way to PHP and SQL and dev-ops tooling. 

Check out sites like,,, and to get a feeling of our platform and its clients.


As an Implementation Expert, you make a significant contribution to the development of our product. Working in the Customer Success team – consisting of 5 Members – you ensure the further development of the system and make new and improved functionality available to our customers in the cultural sector.

Together with the Development Team, you will contribute to our continuous quality and performance improvements, ensuring we maintain our lead in the market and the platform is as easy to work with as possible.

Having hands-on experience with HTML/SCSS might be particularly useful, as you might be implementing customers’ requirements into the future product using these technologies. Our goals are to be light and nimble in terms of our own development, as well as load times while maintaining excellent SEO scores. This Peppered recipe (namely delivering the maximum number of features with the least amount of code) allows for a fast development and release cycle, almost continuously deploying improvements to over 80 websites with a vastly different look and feel.

At Peppered you don't jump from one project to another. In the 23 years that Peppered has existed, we have built a broad and versatile application that organisations such as theatres, orchestras, and concert halls can use to design their online environment professionally.

The way we work

Because of our collective approach, every venue profits from the latest developments, as they are being rolled out every 3 weeks for everyone. By means of your proactive attitude, you ensure that every venue uses the Platform to its fullest potential.

You will enjoy and will become an expert at testing triage work coming back from the dev team – and also reviewing, testing, and onboarding clients with the three weekly releases. 

You are the field representative between the venue and the development team. In this way, you and your colleagues act as the representative for future developments, and ongoing communication thereof, to the user community. 

You will, as you work, be able to identify improvements to internal processes and user training and documentation. You will be proactive on this front in discussing and agreeing with your team on what you will take forward and what you will share. 

You will meet regularly with and will be supported by the User Success team – to discuss current projects, scheduling/capacity, ways of working, new work, upcoming Sales or Discovery input, and user relationships. 

There is potential to be involved in Sales and marketing cross-over with those teams to ensure that what is shared at an early stage is realistic, clear on our model of working – and achievable in the studio.


  • Onboarding new clients through the design and implementation of their new Platform
  • Ensuring any new member of the Peppered collective experiences a smooth take-off, and is able to profit from the experience of our widely adopted Platform right away.
  • Providing technical guidance and training to the client and ensuring the ongoing best practices in the use of the Platform
  • Collaborating with designers to transform wireframes, mockups, and prototypes into functional web applications, ensuring a seamless user experience
  • Cooperating with the Development Team to optimise web applications for maximum speed and scalability, while maintaining a strong focus on accessibility and usability
  • Staying up to date with emerging technologies and best practices, and contributing innovative ideas to enhance our products' performance and functionality
  • Collaborating with the product management team to verify user requirements, contributing to product roadmaps, and estimating development efforts accurately: you will act as a stakeholder to feed individual user (or from the wider Peppered community of users) needs and requests into the Product roadmap Ideas hub, and will be involved, where needed, for input on the scope, testing, and eventual implementation and training
  • Actively contributing to creating products that serve a broad and culturally diverse audience: with the combination of your technical and consultative skills, you work together with the most innovative cultural organisations, to contribute to their success and - thus help more people enjoy culture to the fullest

Throughout the lifetime of the client, you ensure: 

  • Optimal use of the Platform and all its capabilities
  • Supporting the first line and incoming requests – and taking forward those that become second-line proposals
  • Developing a deep understanding of the Peppered platform to be capable of supporting users by offering sophisticated alternatives or features to help cater to their needs. 

Required skills


  • Excellent organisational and prioritisation skills to handle multi-project workloads, keeping track of clear project planning and progress at all times
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; fluency in English
  • A passion for digital, an overall understanding of the SDLC
  • Outstanding time management skills

Desired (will be considered as an advantage):

  • Good general command of HTML
  • General knowledge of online and/or database marketing concepts
  • Some affinity with cultural domain
  • Ideally for this role and due to our existing user base, you would have a strong grasp of written and spoken Dutch and English.

However, with growth in the global space, we also invite non-Dutch-speaking people to apply. Although having at least some basic working knowledge of Dutch would be very helpful for day-to-day communication though, please feel free to reply in Dutch or English.

What’s in it for you?

  • Work in a fast-growing scale-up, with an exciting perspective and potential for further international growth
  • Peppered is a company that is active and specialised in one of the most beautiful sectors - culture (theatre, art, music, film), so you come across the best organisations and meet the most inspiring people, who share the same thing from various backgrounds: love for culture and the value that art can have in a society
  • Net. € 50/month compensation for telephone expenses
  • Possibility to cover travel expenses
  • A laptop at your disposal (which can be used for private use as well)
  • 8% holiday pay, paid in June
  • Participation in the pension programme, of which Peppered contributes half and you contribute the other half from your gross salary
  • 25 days vacation days
  • Flexible work hours and holidays
  • Work remotely
  • Official parental leave
  • Absolutely adorable parties, workshops, and other entertainment and educational activities!
    In addition, Peppered has an arrangement to flexibly schedule all public holidays as days off at other times

Apply now

Maybe you’ve built your own (WordPress) websites, or have experience as an online marketeer, a project manager, a business analyst, an account manager, or a digital strategist: for us, it’s not the specific background that’s most important, it’s the combination of skills and passions that makes you the perfect fit for this job. 

Do you have some, but not all of these skills? We are a growing team, with a growing user base across the world. If you see yourself strongly placed in some, but not all parts of this profile, please do still apply – flagging where you would like to grow and develop. 

It may be that as we recruit for this role, we are able to create space for strong candidates. 

Would you like to know more or apply for the User Success Implementation Expert position? Send an email to or fill out the form via the button below.