For the plan fan:

A calendar is one of the most important parts of your website. We will take you through the various options for offering your programme.

The value of a solid agenda

A solid agenda forms a foundational part of your website. The first theatre websites were created to display the agenda not only in print, but also online. Of course, websites now have a tonne more to offer, but in the end, it all comes down to getting the proper crowd in the hall for that one performance. It takes a lot to create a good agenda, so consider things like logically organising the events, using different filters, and creating a pleasing layout.



In order to create a clear agenda for the visitor, consider how your offer should be categorised logically. If you have different types of events, for example theatre performances and films, you can have them run together or show them separately. In addition, you have the option of combining distinct events into a single production rather than repeating events that occur on several dates. Last but not least, it is best to place long-running productions whose first performance date has already been at the top of your agenda.



Which characteristics are you enabling your visitors to choose from within the programme? Based on the dates and genres ↗, or are other filters required? You can also opt to construct filters for several halls or even different locations, in case this is applicable to your venue. And maybe genres don't suit the way your visitors make their choice, but you prefer to use visitor motifs or tags ↗ such as 'For the whole family'. Explore your options and keep in mind who exactly your visitors are.

Blauwe Kei theatre
Lets visitors filter by date, genre, venue and tags.
Theater Rotterdam
Uses the 'sentence' filter. Where visitors, by formulating a sentence, are presented a selection of performances.
PHIL Haarlem
By placing the filter on the side of the program page, you give the visitor the opportunity to adjust the search filters while browsing.


You already have a clear agenda if you group things logically and apply appropriate filters. Now all there's left to do is creating a stunning, mobile-friendly design that matches your organisation's branding. 

Peppered offers different views for your agenda ↗: you can display the performances in a list (grouped by productions or individual events), but Peppered also lets you view them in tiles or in a brochure stijl ↗.

Additionally, you can decide to highlight certain productions or change the way they look and feel. You may, for instance, you can highlight your own productions and use a specific, different branding for these events.

Switch between layouts

You can choose to show a list view by default and let the visitor choose their preferred layout from there. This way they can easily switch to the layout that works for them. Peppered user Muziekgebouw ↗  uses this functionality. These different layouts are determined by the information in the URL, so you can easily link to a specific layout of your calendar.

Cinema planner

The Cinema planner ↗, Peppered's newest agenda type, offers a clear overview of screenings that happen at various times throughout the day and on multiple days throughout the week. Therefore, this feature is perfect for theatres that show films frequently.

Weekly overview

The Cinemaplanner provides a thorough weekly overview, which makes selecting recurring films easier for visitors than it would be with a regular agenda. With the Cinemaplanner, you can quickly compare days and hours of films and see what's going on that week at a glance.

The right agenda for your theatre or art house

Not using Peppered yet? Contact us and find out how we can help your theater or art house to get the best out of its programming.