Onboarding Specialist (OS)

We are looking to grow our Professional Services team with an additional Onboarding Specialist. Including you, the new team will consist of:

1 x Lead Onboarding Specialist
1 x Onboarding Specialist

Role description

The Onboarding Specialist (or ‘implementation consultant’) has an interesting role: seen as a very technical person, almost a developer, from the point of view of our clients, but to our  R&D team they bring forward the client’s perspective. The OS could be described as someone that is a professional puzzle solver, also being able to create new pieces of the puzzle if needed.

“What I genuinely value about our work is that our efforts are immediately evident online for the global audience to view. This isn't just about the visual impact; it's also about facilitating an intuitive journey for visitors and helping our clients adapt their usage of the SaaS platform.”

- Liesanne, our Lead Onboarding Specialist

The OS is part of the Professional Services team and also works closely with both the Customer Success team and the R&D team to offer paid services to our growing number of clients. Paid services also include (design) strategy and custom development, but for now those skills are ‘hired in’ from the R&D team.

As we are in an exciting period of growth (now active in 6 countries), we expect to expand the team further. This will look like bringing onboard design, development and of course more Onboarding Specialists to the team. It could also be that we'll move into training-the-trainer as we look into working with partners.

The Onboarding Specialist is instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition for new clients as they begin their journey with our SaaS products and existing clients as they expand the use of them. This role is responsible for guiding clients through the initial setup, training, and integration processes, ensuring a seamless and positive initial experience. Clients may call on the Onboarding Specialist when they need help implementing a redesign, adding more of our SaaS products, or when we roll-out new modules within their licence fees. The Onboarding Specialist will work closely with the CS team who will handle the project management and support with all client comms.

As an Onboarding Specialist, you are the bridge between our clients' needs and our technical solutions, translating complex processes into easily understandable steps for our clients.

Language proficiency

English: C1 or C2

Bonus points if you have….

  • An understanding or strong passion for the arts and culture industry.
  • Familiarity with (or not being afraid to learn) light coding including CSS-settings.
  • Previous experience in a similar role for a SaaS product.
  • A degree in a relevant field.
  • Willingness to travel when required.


  • Setup & Configuration: Assisting clients with the initial setup and configuration of our SaaS products to align with their specific needs and objectives.
  • Product Training: Conducting comprehensive training sessions for clients, ensuring they're comfortable with the platform's features and functionalities.
  • Resource Provision: Providing clients with relevant resources, guides, and best practices to kickstart their journey.
  • Integration Guidance: Assisting with the integration of our SaaS product into the client's existing systems or workflows.
  • Feedback Loop: Gathering early feedback during the onboarding process to identify potential areas of improvement in the product or onboarding methodology. Also your ideas can/will find their place in the product roadmap!
  • Success Benchmarking: Setting initial success metrics and benchmarks with clients, ensuring they start on the right path.
  • Inter-department Coordination: Collaborating with the Customer Success and R&D teams to ensure a holistic onboarding experience and to address any technical challenges during the initial phases.

What’s in it for you?

  • Work in a fast-growing scale-up, with an exciting perspective and potential for further international growth
  • Peppered is a company that is active and specialised in one of the most beautiful sectors - culture (theatre, art, music, film), so you come across the best organisations and meet the most inspiring people, who share the same thing from various backgrounds: love for culture and the value that art can have in a society
  • Net. € 50/month compensation for telephone expenses
  • Possibility to cover travel expenses
  • A laptop at your disposal (which can be used for private use as well)
  • 8% holiday pay, paid in June
  • Participation in the pension programme, of which Peppered contributes half and you contribute the other half from your gross salary
  • 25 days vacation days
  • Flexible work hours and holidays
  • Work remotely
  • Official parental leave
  • Absolutely adorable parties, workshops, and other entertainment and educational activities!
  • In addition, Peppered has an arrangement to flexibly schedule all public holidays as days off at other times

Apply now

Would you like to know more or apply for the Onboarding Specialist (OS) position? Send an email to info@peppered.com or fill out the form via the button below.