Mailings are fully integrated in our CMS, allowing you to reach your audience better and with ease. Create beautiful designs, fill up your mailings within seconds and send powerful emails targeted at the right visitors.


Tailored automatic and direct mailing

Send automatic service mails before and after events, and easily create stunning newsletters. Using the library of parts similar to the website, each section maintains visual consistency and no technical knowledge is required. You can easily edit and reorder parts, creating new templates that keep users engaged.

Fully integrated with your website

The mailing tool makes email marketing simple. It's fully integrated with your website, allowing you to use your site's content in the mail. With just a few clicks, you can add upcoming events and stories to your mailing, including images and links to your site.

Advanced options to filter visitors

Upload a mailing list or create an active list with specific visitors in the Query Builder. This feature gives you a visual way to filter your audience, automatically creating mailing lists based on your selections. Whether a user has a specific tag, been active in the last 30 days or has opted-in to receiving marketing information – the Query Builder allows you to send mailings based on user behaviour to create an impact on your audience.

Built-in analysing tools

After your mailing has been sent, you can keep track of the results in your dashboard. Immediately see how many people have opened the email, check the click-through-rate (CTR), click-to-open-rate (CTO) and how many visitors have opted out or changed their preferences. Our mailing tool also automatically creates UTM codes for each mailing, so you can also easily analyse them in third party programmes such as Google Analytics.

GDPR compliant

Our mailing tool is always GDPR compliant and works with the opt-in function on your website. Visitors can easily opt-in and opt-out or change their preferences. Besides privacy measures, the mailing functionality is also fully compliant with security guidelines.

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