Working data-driven with the Query Builder

The Query Builder is a powerful feature, which realises a major step towards data-driven working. With this functionality you can easily and quickly collect all visitors that are relevant to your marketing campaign and you can immediately use the results for various purposes. Due to the fact that data from the website and mail channel is also available in our system (such as activities on the website, tickets in shopping carts, etc.), the Query Builder is one of the most powerful tools available.

Segment through filters

The Query Builder enables you to make a selection of visitors from your database and immediately use the results for marketing automation. You can use various filters to build a query in order to collect exactly the visitors you want to use for a marketing campaign. For example, filters can be used to request visitors who have given an opt-in, who have a specific visitor tag, or who were last active yesterday. By combining multiple filters, very specific segmentations can be made.

Marketing automation

The results of such a query can then be used directly for marketing automation. For example, you can use directly send a mailing to the query, or you can download the result as a csv file to send out a paper mailing. You can also save the queries to use them (again) later. As many queries can be made as desired. The query forms an active list of users: the list of visitors continuously adapts itself by adding or removing contacts from the query based on the filters selected. That way you always have the right contacts at your fingertips to enable personal, yet efficient communication.

Data that truly benefits marketing

Often query builders for culture institutions are limited to using data that we refer to as 'traditional data'. Think of personal data, customer characteristics or - in particular - information from the cash register system about their historical or future purchases. But for marketing it is often much more interesting to have information from people who have just not made a purchase. With Peppered's data model you have information available that can mean much more for the purchase potential. People who have watched shows or products, have placed something on their wish list or in the shopping cart; those are buying signals that are not available or are much more difficult to obtain from traditional data sources.

Working with the Query Builder

We are curious for what purposes you will use the Query Builder. View the Query Builder manual in our knowledge base to get started with this feature right away.