The all-inclusive solution

Peppered specialises in creating high-quality websites, email and marketing technologies specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the cultural sector.

Modular and flexible CMS


Our modular approach ensures that you have access to the right tools for every situation and need. Whether you need a website, mailing system, narrowcasting, or an integrated ticketing order flow, everything is available from one central dashboard.

Our modular setup means that you can activate each module independently, or in conjunction with other software, and change or supplement as needed, at any time.

Innovate and evolve, continuously

Break free from the cycle of web redevelopment projects every 3–5 years. With a robust platform made for the arts and culture sector that evolves every 3 weeks.

“I especially like that the Peppered CMS is continuously being developed, so that you don't even have to think about a new website every few years.”

Karel Lievens
Marketing Manager, viernulvier Art Center

Peppered solutions

With a multitude of high quality solutions and solid integrations with many systems, our software enables you to manage the touchpoints with your visitors: your website, content, narrowcasting and mailings.

Seamless integrations

Our API connects to all major ticketing and payment providers, planning tools, CRMs, and ad platforms, meaning Peppered fits into most of existing technology stacks.

Don’t see your platform listed?

Get in touch, as we are always working on new integrations.

Join the digital community

With so many international clients in such a niche industry, the Peppered user base has become something of a community. With regular meetups and talks, organisations share their learned experiences of the Peppered platform, digital and ticketing in general.

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