Marketing automation

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Tag your visitors

Being able to speak to specific segments of your audience can have a huge impact on conversions and retention. With Peppered, tailoring your website’s content is simple with 'visitor tags'. Each tag enables you to group users based on data from your website and box office. For example, anyone who is logged in as a member, or bought tickets to your latest event.

Personalise the entire customer journey

Visitor tags can be applied to any 'part' on your website's pages, hiding, showing or scheduling content based on the tag. This straightforward approach to personalisation requires no technical knowledge but has endless creative possibilities. So far, clients using the Peppered CMS have utilised visitor tags to give members early access to events, welcome returning visitors and encourage donations.

Send automated and targeted emails

Automatically send service mails prior to and after your event, or use visitor tags to create manual, personalised emails. For example, send out a mailing to remind visitors that they still have left something on their wish list or even in their basket. Or create an email campaign for visitors who haven't been at your venue for a while. The possibilities are endless.

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