Philharmonie Haarlem becomes PHIL

with not one but two refreshing sites

Philharmonie Haarlem continues under the new name PHIL Haarlem. With its own new style and programming for a diverse audience. PHIL is part of Stadsschouwburg & PHIL Haarlem, they previously shared one site on Although PHIL will continue to be a part of this organisation, it receives a new website (co-designed by Nathanaël Reuling) and a fresh new look (designed by Studio Suze Swarte and Studio Jord Noorbeek).

Key takeaways

  • New website for a concert hall from Haarlem (North-Holland, the Netherlands) rolled out as part of new branding strategy
  • Creation of a dedicated website for business purposes (rental) as part of the main domain
  • Creation of a new, omnipresent filter

PHIL Business

Not just the new house style, but also space for the big business department, was crucial for PHIL's website. In PHIL's halls and foyers, conferences, corporate parties, and other business gatherings are frequently held. This department's branding and feeling had to be able to stand apart from the overall PHIL brand on the new website. Our task was to establish a completely functional subsite for the PHIL Business sub-brand on the PHIL website.

Subsite: two sites in one

The new subsite feature is perfect for having a "separate site" for, say, business purposes, as PHIL intended. When you select the menu option "Business" on the PHIL website, a pop-up banner notifies you that you are about to enter the environment specific to the sub-brand. Even though it is on the same website, this distinct environment has its own logo, menu, and custom styling. In this way, the website clearly defines the differences between the two brands.

The pop up and subsite of PHIL Business

New calendar filter

Another key goal of PHIL was to always give visitors the option to change their search criteria while browsing though the agenda. As a result, we created a brand-new kind of calendar filter that is always visible because it is situated on the programme page to the side of a desktop screen. On a mobile device, it changes to a minimalist design with just two buttons that let you pick data or filters.

The new calendar filter on PHIL's programme page

Get started

All Peppered users can now access these additional features. Do you want to get started with these yourself? Read the guide on how to create a subsite, or view the explanation about the Calendar to apply the new calendar filter to your site.

Are you still looking for a new website or is your organisation ready for a redesign? Pop us a message.