6 measures for a secured sale

Sadly, tickets for popular performances are regularly resold at high prices. Annoying for visitors, artists and theatres. To counter this and to ensure the security of purchased tickets, you can now guarantee an extra secure sale through our Secure Tickets feature. We created these six new functionalities together with Peppered user De Kleine Komedie and one of these options, the Dynamic Barcodes, were developed together with the ticketing provider Ovatic.

Secure environment

The basis for 'secure' working starts with a strong security and environment. De Kleine Komedie therefore does not use a combination of sites and apps; everything takes place within one closed and highly secured environment: dekleinekomedie.nl. They were looking for a way not only to offer the tickets safely, but also to prevent the resale of their tickets. Together with them we developed a solution for this: the Secure Tickets feature.

It's nice to be able to shout '100% secure', but unfortunately that doesn't exist. We strive for 100% safety and come very close. However, we are aware that security is a process, not an end point. This means that we always actively monitor (technical) developments and continue to develop solutions such as these. The development of Secure Tickets brings us one step closer.

Multiple protections

This new functionality consists of six different protections that work independently of each other, but can also be combined with each other. For example, the degree of security can be adjusted per performance on the basis of the agreements between an artist and the theatre.

1. Just-in-time access

To prevent tickets from being resold immediately after a sale, you can enable the 'Just-in-time access'. This means that the tickets only become active shortly before the performance (for example an hour in advance). Until then, the barcodes are not yet visible.

2. Dynamic barcodes with Ovatic

The dynamic barcodes have been developed in collaboration with the ticket and planning platform Ovatic. A very powerful method to prevent resale. A new code is automatically generated every 20 seconds. This prevents tickets issued by Ovatic users from being shared even shortly before the performance.

3. SMS verification with MessageBird

Similar security to email verification is possible with a link to MessageBird. When purchasing the tickets, the visitor must provide a mobile telephone number, which is linked to the order. Access to the tickets is then protected via an SMS code. If the MessageBird code is entered correctly, the barcode can only be used.

4. Email verification

Every purchase is secured with email verification. It is not enough to provide an email address; the visitor must also confirm, through an authentication link, that the email address is correct. The e-mail address can only be verified on the device that is currently in use. Optionally, this can also be checked at the time of access to the performance. The tickets will then only be accessible if authentication has been performed on the device.

5. Personalisation by name

You can also choose to have the tickets put in your name. This can then be used to check ID or bank card upon entry, if necessary. The personalisation is also useful if you want to offer the possibility to collect tickets at the box office.

6. Block change email and/or name

In order for the email verification and personalisation to work properly, it may be wise to also use the block on changes. This means that a visitor can no longer change the e-mail address or name himself. For example, you can give the option to have adjustments made via the checkout. It may be desirable to provide this 'back door' for that visitor whose phone number has changed, or as a service for a regular visitor. This option offers service, but also creates a potential leak, for example with a fake ID.

Secure your e-tickets

Do you also want to prevent the resale of tickets for your performances? In the Secure Tickets manual you can read how you can set the various security options exactly.

Not yet a Peppered user? Send us a message and we will be happy to chat with you about these and other useful solutions for your organisation.