Create a personal customer journey with integrated ticketing

The better your different marketing tools connect to each other, the more opportunities you have to make a real impact on your visitors. We therefore not only establish a good connection between your Peppered site, mail and narrowcasting, but also ensure proper integration of your ticketing system, among other things. And that comes with great benefits.

Take control over the entire customer journey

With integrated ticketing, Peppered manages the entire ordering process on your site. Because we retrieve data from the ticketing system and supplement it with our own data from the website, you have valuable data for marketing. Such as automatically recognizing new visitors, the interests and possible status of a visitor (such as 'friend'), insight in when the visitor was last active on the site and whether there are still products in the shopping cart. This gives you control over all touchpoints in the customer journey, allowing you to fully tailor your site and mailings to specific visitors.

Display relevant content

The ability to customise all of the content on your Peppered website is one of the main advantages of integrated ticketing. You can identify your visitors through  'Visitor Tags': labels that you can give visitors depending on the shows or products they have previously purchased, or even before a transaction has been made, for instance when there are items in the cart or on the wish list.

The website's entirety can then be made visible to or hidden from specific users. You may, for instance, change the homepage of your website to reflect the interests of the visitor by displaying a banner for a dance production to those who are interested in dance, for example. Or you can designate a page or even a menu item that is only accessible to friends of your venue.

By including related products in the order flow or by displaying a personalised message once the transaction has been paid, you can also quickly transform the ordering process into a personalised funnel. In this manner, you can provide relevant content to the appropriate audience at each stage of the customer journey.

Fictional example of a personalised showcase banner

Send out customised mailings

In addition to creating a personal site, there are also plenty of options for creating personalised emails. In our 'Query Builder' you can segment your visitors based on Visitor Tags, but also, for example, based on the date on which a ticket was last purchased or a performance was seen.

Many combinations of filters are possible to create a refined mailing list. For example, select all new visitors from the past quarter who have an interest in cabaret. Or place the visitors together who have not visited your organisation and website for over six months.

When you have selected the right visitors for your marketing campaign, you can immediately send an email to this target group. So you can send out a personal mailing in no time, packed with relevant content for this specific mailing list.

Sell cross-sells through the account environment

Towards the visit to the performance, you can also show the visitor personal content and increase sales with cross-sells. Via the account environment on your site, visitors can not only log in and view their purchased tickets, but this is also the ideal place to display a personal offer for the visitor.

Visitors can opt for cross-sells during the ordering process, but can also decide later via their account to select and buy cross-sells for events for which they have already purchased tickets. You can also easily refer to this in an automatic pre-service email and remind your visitors once again to add cross-sells to complete their visit.

Fictional example of a personalised order success banner

Integrate your ticketing system

In short, with integrated ticketing at Peppered you have the most extensive marketing options at your disposal, with which you can communicate with your visitors on a personal level, both on the site and in the mail. Peppered connects seamlessly to various ticketing systems and we even offer full integration with some partners (Ovatic, Itix and Eventim).

Please feel free to contact us and we will gladly discuss the possibilities and see what the best solution is for your organisation and ticketing system.

Are you already using Peppered, but don't have integrated ticketing yet? We are happy to help you switch to a ticketing system supported by us. If you have any questions about the possibilities, we are happy to think along with you. Please contact our service desk for this.