Our partners from After Digital visited us in Rotterdam

Like Peppered, After Digital is a well-established digital provider in the arts and culture sectors - offering a variety of services including design, UX, strategic rebranding and positioning. The After Digital team recently ventured to Rotterdam to meet up and continue our collaboration.

Combining powerful tools with a smart design

Peppered offers their users a powerful tool with lots of features and marketing solutions, including a basic design implementation. A number of organisations, however, can require a more bespoke design to support their requirements. Some organisations also recognise that they first need to take a more holistic view of their requirements, audience, and content before delivering a new solution.

This is where After Digital comes in. They have amassed a wealth of experience in designing websites in the cultural sector. By working together, we can create websites with both powerful features and a smart design.

How we work with After Digital

After Digital works as an intermediary between Peppered and the client in the early stages of the project. They help define the best way for the organisation to structure their content in a user-friendly manner and also provide advice on how to best portray their brand online with captivating UI design, which works perfectly in combination with the Peppered system.

Joint learning sessions to share our experiences

Together we’ll typically conduct a range of desk research with the clients, looking at their analytics, and session recordings to uncover how users interact with their existing websites. Then we undertake a UX review, comparing against best practices to highlight our recommendations.

These findings are then used in combination with a series of on-site workshops we call ‘discovery’. These sessions help define concepts such as personas, jobs to be done, information architecture, and content hierarchy that can be used to help determine the best approach for the new website. The results are used to create a stunning, effective design that seamlessly integrates with Peppered.

Concert hall de Doelen in Rotterdam

A redesign for de Doelen is our most recent project with After Digital. The implementation is in full swing. Keep an eye on our socials to stay informed about this case.

de Doelen

Continuous improvement

As part of our commitment to continuously improve our processes and relationships with partners, After Digital spent several days in Rotterdam working together with us. Sharing learnings from their experiences, clarifying a bit more about what we both do, and how we might better continue to work together and deliver value for our clients.

We’re excited to continue collaborating with an organisation that shares our values and interests and look forward to our next joint project: working with Antwerp Symphony Orchestra in Belgium.

If you’d like to hear more about what After Digital and Peppered can do for your organisation, get in touch!