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Put makers in the spotlight with our new People Module

On your website, the producers and performers are typically not the main focus. Although they have a significant impact on purchase intention and play an essential part on stage, they are sometimes overlooked in the online selecting process. With the new People module, which was created especially for the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, this is actively evolving.

Actors, musicians, directors or dancers: by including them in the fine-meshed structure of your website with their own (wiki) page, their own archive and their relationship to performances, you give these important people an online stage. This implies that People play a bigger role on the website and that they are taken into account when a visitor makes a purchase consideration.

Prominent role on the website

The People Module was created especially for the nature of cultural organizations, where a performance typically involves many different (groups of) people. 

With the new module you can create both People and companies (groups). You can then assign them different roles per production, such as 'violinist'. On a detail page about the production, visitors then see an overview of all persons/groups involved in this production and what role they play within the production.


You can also place several people and groups together in a Cluster, such as 'soloists'. In this manner, for example, you can group all soloists within the orchestra of a production and separate them from the leaders of the orchestra. The clusters group the makers in different categories. You can set the priority for each cluster, giving you control over the order in which they are listed.

Tip: you can also use the People Module to set up an overview of your employees. You can easily place all your colleagues in the dashboard, list their functions, and group them within different departments, for example 'marketing team', using clusters. The clusters can be added to any page.

Creators Highlighted

A separate page is then automatically created for all persons and groups in the People Module. This is filled with events and Stories that are linked to the person or company. Website visitors can see at a glance in which performances their favorite actors are playing. But they can also go straight from this page to content that is interesting to them, such as articles, podcasts and videos that are relevant to this person or group, or related productions. The makers therefore not only get a prominent role within a performance, but also their own domain within the website.

The legacy of your makers

The automatic People pages are very useful for quickly and easily giving credits to your creators. Would you like to share some more information about a maker? You can also manually create a landing page for the person or group and fill it in completely according to your own wishes.

For example, create a page for a conductor and enrich it with a biography, photos and a video of a piece he has conducted. This way the page really becomes the legacy of your creator. This option is perfect for important creators of your venue, or people and companies who return more often in the programming.

A stage for your People

Do you want to create an online stage for your People? Check out the People Module manual to learn exactly how to use it.

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