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A modern website needs to be configurable, not custom. Empowering you to make changes.

We love the digital world in which we reside. A never-ending stream of fascinating opportunities for creativity and interaction are provided by new technology. A cultural institution's website serves as the main entry point for your venue, stories and events. It almost resembles an additional theatre hall.

Always compliant

Compliance is one of our main focusses and we always make sure your website is on the forefront of security. Your website is always evolving. Every three weeks we roll out updates. Our updates are comprehensive and cover not only the latest SEO improvements but are also always security driven and full of speed enhancements.

Made for the art and culture sector

Built specifically to solve problems that arts and culture organisations face. With Peppered, you also join a community of like-minded professionals. We regularly organize meetups and offer opportunities for knowledge sharing. More than 80 cultural organizations from all over the world use Peppered.

Flexible, smart, easy to use CMS with mailing built-in

The CMS is a fully-integrated solution, with tools for analyzing user data and sending tailored automatic and direct mailing. With a visual way to filter your audience, and automatically create mailing lists based on your selections. This can be used in conjunction with visitor tags to send mailing based on user behaviour. Creating each newsletter is simple. Using the familiar library of parts, each section maintains visual consistency and no technical knowledge is required.


Always developing with a Community-led Roadmap

Continually evolving every 3 weeks. Our updates cover the latest SEO improvements, security and speed enhancements, as well as new features and parts to improve your website content and marketing efforts. Our updates are available for everyone using the platform and every user can submit ideas to make the platform even better.

Small annual fee

All for a fraction of traditional website spend. Think of it as a 5 star all-inclusive experience, but for your website, including: reliable and secure hosting, comprehensive training and wiki, bug fixes, 24/7 support, performance, security and SEO updates, and always evolving with new features.

The monthly fee covers all of your hosting, support and includes the latest features free of charge. Enjoy the flexibility of a rolling contract with no strings attached. Leave whenever, but very few users do. There are many users who have been with us for over 20 years!

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