Meet our team

From devising our system by our product team, building the latest applications by our in-house developers, to rolling out and implementing at theatres, concerts, orchestras and cinemas: as one team we work on the continuous development of the cultural sector every day.


Our Peppered Experts teach you how to get the most out of Peppered: you get recommendations on how you can optimise your website for SEO, learn how to set up production and event pages, and get tips and tricks on editing and creating content for your Peppered website. Our Experts are happy to help.


Our marketing team ensures that all new developments are communicated to our users as clearly as possible. We inspire existing and new users with all the cool stuff that Peppered has to offer.

Product & Frontend Development

Always busy inventing new cool features and making sure that Peppered meets all user needs.

Backend Development

Design, programme, test and deploy new back-end applications. Everything that happens behind the scenes is made possible by our developers.

Human Resources

Ensures that everything runs smoothly offline as well. Always working on the development and guidance of our people.


Managing and motivating all of the above.

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