Throwback: Peppered Event - Digital First

On 1 December, 2022, a brand-new Peppered Event took place. We went to Muziekcentrum De Bijloke in Ghent. The day was entirely devoted to its 'Digital First' theme. We talked about how to make sure that the digital world is paramount in your organisation with our users, partners, and interested parties from the cultural sector.


Our Experts provided a variety of advice on getting your offline expressions online during a training. For instance, we talked about how to increase your online sales by using digital brochures, bundle sales, and relevant, tailored content.

Guest speakers

Our special guests, Lien van Ballaer from KVS and Karel Lievens from Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, took the stage in the afternoon. Both aim to be digital first in very different ways; whereas Lien said she frequently acts on instinct, Karel works data-driven.

Karel Lievens

Karel from De Bijloke, who has worked with our system for years, compared Peppered to a Tesla, because he claims that it never has to be replaced. He discussed how Peppered plus a planning and ticketing system,  is the foundation for their transformation to a digital-first location. The practical and strategic marketing aspects of venues, up to the aesthetic aspects of production and rental, were all covered by Karel's presentation.

Lien de Trogh


We learned from Lien from KVS how content is becoming more and more significant online and likewise, how the evolution of online resources follows that of printed ones. For instance, offline and online communication channels are coordinated at KVS. Lien provided some concrete examples of what exactly they do online, with text, podcasts and videos.

The latest product updates

We updated everyone on the five most recent significant product updates before we closed the day with a drink and the World Cup:

  • The Kiosk makes it simple to sell tickets on location using a touchscreen.
  • With the new mailing templates, there are now a lot more design options available.
  • Following an accessibility test with Vincent Bijlo, in association with New Pack Inclusion Creators, some WCAG changes have been implemented.
  • You can effectively categorise your target audiences with the Query Builder to send targeted communications.
  • You can efficiently and effectively upload all of your content to the website using Stories and Collections.

Presentation slides

To take a look back at the topics, you can view the presentation slides. Do you want assistance with getting started with the kiosk, the new email templates, or one of the other features? P lease get in touch with our service desk.

We look forward to seeing you (again) at the next Peppered Event! For an overview of all forthcoming events, see our 'Events' page.