Enrich your visit with the renewed cross-sells

Does your event include a dinner, or does an introduction take place before the performance? Then a cross-sell is the perfect solution: you can offer these events in combination with an other event. A convenient approach to sell a little bit more or add peripheral programming to a performance. Cross-sells were already a feature of Peppered, but with the help of a group of Peppered users, we worked to improve them.

Key takeaways

  • Provide cross-sells in three efficient ways within Peppered: throughout the ordering process, on the e-tickets, and in the 'My Theatre' setting.
  • Peppered users, IT Efficiency, and our research and development team collaborated to create a new design.
  • Smoother sales result from improved cross-sells, a pilot by Chassé Theater shows.

Improved cross-sells

Cross-selling is the sale of products or services that complement a product that a visitor wants to buy or has purchased. It’s already been a possibility within Peppered for ages. However, three wishes for cross-sells emerged from a project with the user group, each of which has been developed into new functionalities. The cross-sells can now be purchased with all payment methods that are also available for 'normal' tickets and they are more visible on the e-tickets. In addition, it is now also possible for visitors to purchase cross-sells later, after booking tickets for the main event. This can be done in the 'My Theater' environment on the site, where all available cross-sells are shown to the visitor.

Successful test at Chassé Theater

The Chassé Theater has already achieved considerable results after a test period. Renske Breit, Publicity & Marketing Employee at Chassé Theater explains: “We had tested a cross-sell in combination with the musical Les Misérables, for which we had a collaboration with a restaurant from Breda. During the three weeks that the musical played here, they had taken over our in-house restaurant. People who were going to buy tickets for the musical could now immediately order a three-course dinner during the ordering process on our site.”

“This test took place two months before the musical played here and the performance had been on sale for a year, so there were also many people who already had tickets in their possession. We sent this group of visitors an email with the message that they could now book dinner to make it a complete evening out. In this mailing we shared a link to the ‘My Theatre’ environment on our site, where the visitor could book the arrangement himself. That was very successful!”

More than 1100 dinners

The musical had 21 performances in the Chassé Theater, with a maximum of 80 people joining the dinner each time. In total, the theatre sold no less than 1100 of these cross-sells. What the effect would have been if the dinner package had been sold without the renewed cross-sells, or with a different reservation tool, has not been tested, but Renske does conclude: “It went really well! The sales numbers continued to rise without any calls or emails being made to the cash register. It was therefore also very nice to see that it was clear to the visitors how they could order the package. We will therefore use cross-sells more often in the future.”

About the project

At the end of 2021, at the initiative of the Wilminktheater in Enschede, a Peppered user group was formed. The theaters involved were: De Lawei, Theater de Veste, De Leest, De Kring Roosendaal and Chassé Theater. All participating theaters use both Itix and Peppered ticketing systems. Together they wanted to improve both systems and especially the link between these systems.

This project was supervised from the start by IT Efficiency, the digital project agency for the cultural sector. This independent party took the lead within the project, ensured a clear (consultation) structure and communication to Peppered and the theatres. The resulting clarity ensures a streamlined project that runs smoothly and efficiently. We therefore work together with IT Efficiency on several projects, where these ladies take care of project management so we can focus on creating the best technical solutions.

After an inventory of the wishes of the user group, it soon became clear that improving the cross-sell functionality had priority.


From prototype to new functionalities

Peppered joined the project group to further shape and ultimately build the desired new functionalities for the cross-sells. We developed a prototype with various options, on which the working group could provide feedback and test it to indicate what the visitors were still encountering.

“It was nice to be able to think together about how we wanted those cross-sells to look like in the ordering process and that we could then also test this. The result contributes very nicely to the filling of the halls and the experience of the visitor,” says Renske. Ideally, the Chassé Theater also wants to offer drinks with this tool, for which the possibilities are currently being discovered.

How do you use cross-sells?

Or are you not yet using the cross-sells within Peppered and are you curious about the new possibilities created by the working group? Have a look at the manual for more information.

Do you also want to enrich the experience of your visitors, but you are not yet a Peppered user? Request a personal demo and discover how we can help your organisation.