Everything you need to know about the new Mailings module

Our entire Mailings module has been updated! You can automate, segment, and optimise with the updated module quickly and easily. The options are unlimited yet simple to use, thanks to our Query Builder. Also, the mail templates have undergone a thorough redesign. This is the beginning of many more great improvements, which we keep track of for you on this page.

Why a new module?
Our Mailings module has been completely renewed to offer new functionalities and to have a good starting point for future developments. With the new module you can create the most flexible mail templates with custom design options and make smart use of Peppered's rich visitor database to create the most personal mailings.

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Product updates

UTM Content

'utm_content' labels have been added to all clickable components (buttons, photos, and headlines) in the various sections of mailings. These automatically appear in Google Analytics, so you get a better idea of which elements perform best in your mailings.

Stories in Mailings

You can now use your Stories directly in your new template in the Mailings module. It works about the same as adding, for example, Productions to your email: first you can select the Story types, and then add the specific Stories to your newsletter.

Linked to the Query Builder

The Query Builder is now an extensive tool with which you can make many different types of segmentations of your visitors. We have made a link between this function and the new Mailings module, so that you can now even use your query to immediately send a mail to it. Curious how to use this? Read more about it in the Query Builder manual

UTM Campaign

An important step has been taken in the Mailings module for Google Analytics: all mails that have been created with the new template type now automatically have a utm_campaign based on the title of the mailing, which is displayed in the new field 'Campaign'. You can also adjust this UTM code, so that you can, for example, create multiple mailings for a campaign that share the same utm_campaign.

New templates

We are proud to have introduced the new mailing templates; from creating different templates to a completely new design, this update is a major improvement that offers you much more options and flexibility than before.

Read more about all product updates in the release notes.

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