Organise a customer friendly peak sale with Time Slots

In collaboration with De Kleine Komedie we have developed the Time Slots functionality. This allows you to handle peak sales smoothly and in a customer-friendly way, because visitors no longer have to queue to buy tickets. We held an interview with Loes Hartog, Head of Publicity at De Kleine Komedie, about the development and use of the Time Slots.

"In my opinion, your visit to the performance begins as soon as when you place your order. Therefore, if the order flow is enjoyable, attractive, seamless, and fair to the buyer's perception in case of popular acts, you have a good and laid-back set of guests before they even step foot into your venue. That makes the evening even better."

- Bianca Derwort, De Kleine Komedie's Head of Cash Register & Friends Administration

Using Time Slots

Do you also want to set up such a customer-friendly presale? You can find the manual about Time Slots in our service portal.