Throwback: Peppered Event - Content edition

On 29 September 2022, the Peppered Event's content edition took place. We gathered with our users, partners, and other interested parties from the cultural sector in Amare - the lovely, new cultural centre in The Hague - for a day full of knowledge sharing regarding content creation. The Peppered Event is held every three months, and each time a different theme is covered. 


We began the day by providing users of Peppered with instruction on how to use their content in our software to its fullest potential. After a delicious lunch, we began the afternoon with engaging guest speakers before wrapping out a productive day with a tour and a drink.

Guest speakers

During the afternoon session we gave the floor to Chassé Theater, Amare and Theater Rotterdam.

Chassé Theater

The Chassé Theater issued a brief call for a brainstorm about their initiative for a Theater App: an application that is intended to enhance the visitor's evening. Consider a mobile app that could provide directions to the theatre, a map of the restrooms, alerts about how busy they are, crowd information for bars, and even the ability to place on-site food and drink orders.

The Chassé Theater intends to set up this app in collaboration with other theatres.  Together with Chassé, we have already outlined and developed various concepts during the preparation. Any building of the app will not be done (only) by Peppered, but in a collective approach with other suppliers and solutions.


The development of a new cultural brand and how content marketing fits into it were discussed by Amare's Mieke Beljaarts (head of marketing) and Henny van Haelen (online marketing). They provided numerous motivating examples in addition to practical advice that you can put to use right away, like the 5 steps to successful content marketing. Additionally, they talked about how they make use of the sophisticated Stories functionality, which was created in collaboration with Peppered and allows you to intelligently and effectively place all content on your website.


Theater Rotterdam

Theater Rotterdam combines the stories of the theatre, the city, and beyond in the online magazine OFFBEAT. Peppered collaborates with them to better integrate and enhance this magazine; we jointly built the Collections feature to be able to combine all types of content together and replicate the feeling of browsing through a magazine. All of our users now have access to this feature.

Presentation slides

Would you like to review the presentation slides? View the presentation of Peppered, Chassé and Theater Rotterdam, or open the slides of Amare here.