Hello new frontend

June 21, 2017

We are pleased to announce a major update to our platform, as the new website of The National Theater (Het Nationale Theater) has come to life.

The new front end – the new graphical layer that has been built upon the core of the platform – is one of the main features. Together with the renowned Dutch design Company Grrr, we’ve developed a completely new and comprehensive toolkit, with which designers can build a website from scratch, whilst not having to bother about the technical power of the site. This new graphical layer is now available for everyone connected to our platform.

The new website has some cool new features that will power up the personal experience of your customers. Like the personal homepage: there is one for everybody.

Besides flexibility and the freedom of custom design, with our extensive toolkit developed for the user, the advantages are far greater than with just having a custom frontend.

With the new frontend there are now four steps in custom design:

  • choose which parts you want to use where
  • custom design parts with their available toolkit
  • full custom design for existing parts
  • build parts from scratch

Brand new sales funnel

We’ve taken a good look at all the processes and made some major improvements here as well. By connecting and incorporating the ticketing funnel and data, we are able to lift your customer approach to the next level, one of the main reasons for HNT to choose to work with our system. Shown example is with TM 3 but works with all ticketing systems.

screenshot event list and order from list

Expanding the personal experience

The new website has some cool new features that will power up the personal experience of your customers. Like the personal homepage: there is one for everybody. For example, when you visit the website on a mobile device a few hours before you visit an event, we’ll provide you with your personal information; like the details of the event, your barcodes or QR-codes on the screen for immediate scanning, etc. On desktop, we offer personal recommendations, personal next best question and fundraising functionalities, all very easy to implement.

screenshot personal homepage, with upcoming events, recommendations, next best question, etc.

Location, metadata and filtering

The National Theater is the merger of three former cultural organisations, De Koninklijke Schouwburg, Theater aan het Spui and Het Nationale Toneel, the latter being a travelling theatre company. With this in mind we came up with a totally new design for filters, that give you the opportunity to find the events that match your interest, in the venue or city of your choice. We’re proud to say that we’ve launched a metadata module for even more powerful mapping and grouping of events, which can be fully customised; for HNT this has been implemented to add more specific content, in this case showing the cast.

screenshot extended filtering

Flexible content pages

Where before you were restricted to image and text, you now have total freedom to build your very own frontend, specifically to your own personal liking, and different on every page if wished for.

screenshot information page

The National Theater is partner and co-founder of this new frontend.

They were the first to bring this new front end to life. Together with other agencies we are now already implementing the new this new design at other venues.

Ready for a new design? Let us know!