We are Peppered

We believe in focus, service and innovation. That's why we've created Blocks: the web marketing platform.

Yet over 50 venues, big and small, believe in us. And we're
very proud of that.

Improve efficiency and manage costs for your organisation
Leo Hegge
Managing Director Cultuurhuis de Kinker

Endless possibilities

The blocks-platform offers room for true innovation. What's more, it evolves continuously.
Blocks never stops.

Blocks offers your organisation the opportunity to afford a proper online solution that looks the part and works the way you want it to.

Think sustainable innovation
Think Blocks
Ivo van der Ent
Product Manager at Peppered
Why complicate things when it can de done easily and dynamically
Ruben Israël
Marketing Manager
Luxor Theater Rotterdam


Blocks is a modular webmarketing platform including your websites, newsletters, narrowcasting, CRM, SEO, bannering, mobile solutions etcetera. All fully connected with the ticketing and planning software of your choice.

Initially designed for the cultural sector, Blocks works for everyone that sells tickets, like theatres, music venues, cinema’s, zoo’s, museums and themeparks.

In Blocks, all the tools for online marketing and sales come together in one simple solution.