Average attribution rate to revenue of micro campaigns

Results from pilot 'Fact Based Marketing for the Cultural Sector' by VSBfonds, MIcompany & Peppered

The result of years of research

The reason why we created the Peppered platform to be a comprehensive system where all data and marketingchannels come together, is that we wanted it to contribute to your sales and to customer satisfaction. Through years of research, testing, implementing and constant innovation, we now have a profound insight in how to create a logical order in your marketing campaigns (in the best possible way, optioneel), so that it generates a beneficial relationship between both you and your visitor.

Together with our top notch partners

An incredible amount of data is being processed through our platform everyday. All these breadcrumbs that are left behind by (potential) buyers can be used for research, which can be used for generating insights into how to increase your sales even more. The Peppered platform is like a playground for data-analysts and econometrists. We’re very proud that we’re able to partner with reputable intelligence firms (such as MIcompany and several Universities) when it comes to intelligent and effective data driven marketing.

Micro Campaigns: more sales guaranteed

Micro campaigns are automatic, data driven marketing campaigns that offers you high yielding interactions on a personal scale. Because of the automatic execution you can reach large amounts of ‘personal scale’ interactions, without the impact on your resources. Happy customers, happy marketeers.

Micro campaigns are a product of Peppered, in cooperation with MIcompany. Supported by the dutch fund VSBfonds, Peppered got the opportunity to partner with MIcompany, an organization that works for the largest, top level technology companies in the world (like Booking.com, Bol.com, Dutch Railways, Banks, etc.). Together with their knowledge and experience, we came up with a set of 100+ campaigns that help you grow your business guaranteed. Please find some examples below.

Pageview reminder, 420% conversion rate

The system sends you a friendly message reminding you of a page you visited. It leads to 4.2 X more buyers compared to those to whom we don’t send this reminder. Even when you’re not logged in, we recognize you from an earlier visit. Customers appreciate our brief suggestion, venues appreciate this extra boost in sales.

  • Control group
  • Campaign group

Suggesting a bundle leads to 2.4 X more multi-event buyers

Our data tells us that buyers of ‘Event A’ also view ‘Event B’ and ‘Event C’. Without extra stimuli, they often only buy ‘Event A’. By carefully encouraging people to buy multiple events at once, at selected moments in the funnel, with carefully generated offers, we generate 2.4 X more multi-event buys.

  • Regular number of multi event buyers
  • Extra amount of multi event buyers

A supportive welcoming back to potential buyers

Sometimes, people just hesitate too much. They put something in their shopping cart, don’t close the deal, get distracted, and leave. But too often, our data shows, they get back to you. And when they do, they appreciate a nice reminder about their earlier intention. This powerful but simple feature of the integrated ticketing of the platform, generates a +4% funnel conversion.

  • Control group
  • Campaign group

Algorithm based recommendation

The platform calculates a list of recommended events on an individual level. This personal recommendation can be used on the ‘personalized’ homepage, in your emails or at the event pages to suggest a cross-sell. We started testing the latter, which generates a x 1.2 response rate when compared to traditional ‘genre-based’ recommendation.

Normal recommendation 12%

Algorithm based recommendation 15%

And please keep in mind...

All these and other campaigns are conceived in cooperation with MIcompany. This gives you the powerful insights of the leading organizations in the world.

The campaigns run automatically, so they work for you without the impact on your human or financial resources.

Together with our research partners we continue to develop, test and launch new campaigns every month.

The campaigns are at your disposal at a unique no cure no pay subscription rate.

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