Last updated: 3 April 2019 - Read time: 0:58 min

πŸ“Œ Work more efficiently: what can you expect of Peppered ?

Cultural institutions have an impressive number of marketing actions to process every day. That is why we have arranged our Platform in such a way that it helps you where possible.

For over 20 years we’ve had the same important mission here at Peppered: creating the best marketing platform for a sector that, with all its specific wishes and characteristics, needs its own custom solutions. Traditionally dealing with tight staffing in the marketing department while there’s plenty of work to be done, makes working efficiently one of the most important pillars on which we build and further develop our system.

The Peppered promises when it comes to working more efficiently:

  • All data in one place: we avoid multiple recording of data
  • Work faster, make fewer mistakes, acces more complete information
  • Automation of tasks where possible
  • Central distribution of content: manage all channels from one dashboard
  • Don’t waste valuable time on tasks a computer can do for you


Last but not least…

The continuous development of our system means you always are ahead, without having to invest time and money yourself. This way you can fully focus on promoting your artistic product.

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