Last updated: 2 April 2019 - Read time: 1:14 min

The most powerful design with the strongest engine

The technical building blocks of the Peppered Platform form the foundation of what you need online. However, your website comes to life through its graphic design. To that end, we work together with both in-house designers and the best design agencies. With their designs, they ensure our customers get the best of both worlds: the most powerful design with the strongest engine.

The designs of the websites of Peppered’s clients are as diverse as the clients themselves. “When we introduced the collective model in 2015, it presented quite a challenge. As a result, many websites looked quite similar,” says Mathijs Bouwman, managing director at Peppered. “During those first few years, we focused on creating a powerful engine beneath the hood. However, since opening up the front end entirely in 2017, the range of applications is increasing exponentially.”

Peppered inside...

Win-win between design and technology

The building blocks of the Peppered Platform are like raw blocks of technology around which a graphical shell has to be constructed. These building blocks are an excellent starting point for design agencies. “For design agencies, it is great that they can focus on what they do best,” says Allison van Spaendonk, who is responsible for the implementation of websites at Peppered. “Peppered provides the technology and together with the client we create an entirely new website in a matter of weeks.”

Partners in design, large and small


Vruchtvlees (case Theater Rotterdam) Grrr (case Het Nationale Theater) Das Buro Fabrique … en many other, large and small.

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