The Audience Agency – partner for the UK

The Peppered Platform is being introduced to cultural organisations in the United Kingdom through an exclusive partnership with The Audience Agency.

The Audience Agency is a mission-led charity, that helps cultural organisations increase their relevance, reach and resilience. With a mission to give the public a voice in shaping a vibrant, relevant culture.

Audience Agency tools + Peppered suite

A formula of added value

By adding the Peppered Platform to its toolkit, the Audience Agency enables its clients to unlock the full potential of the relationship with the customer. The unique and holistic suite of services allows you to put audiences at the heart of an organisations digital strategy and streamline workflows through new integrations.

Streamline digital and data marketing services in arts and culture

Leo Sharrock, Product Director, The Audience Agency

Leo Sharrock, Product Director of The Audience Agency:

“The Audience Agency is pleased to be the UK partner of Peppered, and eager to see how this breakthrough platform can work iteratively to transform the way the cultural sector operates digitally. We see it being used in conjunction with the analytic tools you already use, such as Audience Finder, and to develop these tools alongside each other to streamline digital and data marketing services in arts and culture. Peppered fits seamlessly into our mission of working with and for cultural organisations to develop audiences across the UK and internationally and create powerful, data driven solutions.”

Add value, reduce costs

In addition to the ability to enrich the marketing possibilities of cultural organisations, The Audience Agency opts to work with Peppered to help answer the daily challenges that arts organisations face.

Natalie Hall, Head of Communications, The Audience Agency:

“Because of Peppered’s ability to automate and integrate all of your systems into one mega-marketing tool, it massively reduces the costs and staff time spent on basic processing tasks, freeing up resources for content creation and actual marketing strategy.”

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