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Audience behaviour research: Sector-wide data and insights

In order to investigate people’s cultural behaviour, we work together with knowledge institutions in several countries. One research question is always key: How can we ensure more people enjoy culture?

The great advantage of these partnerships is that we help each other to reach this objective in a better way. The finely meshed and rich data from the Peppered Platform forms an inexhaustible source of information for knowledge institutions and research centres. The analyses and insights from the knowledge institutions are then fed back to the cultural organisations, who work with Peppered to ensure that the application of insights is safeguarded. This could include new methods for customer insight, new data-led marketing campaigns and innovative technology to widen your audience reach.

Breda University of Applied Sciences (NHTV)

Extensive Campaign Research on Performing Arts

The research ‘Groot Campagne Onderzoek Podiumkunsten’ (Extensive Campaign Research on Performing Arts) was a collaboration between Breda University of Applied Sciences, HZ University of Applied Sciences and Peppered. Together with several stages spread across the country (De Doelen, Luxor Theatre Rotterdam, De Lawei Theatre, Nijmegen City Theatre & Concert hall De Vereeniging, Theatre & Congress Orpheus), research was carried out into the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns within three customer groups. The research was realised with the help of CELTH. & Congres Orpheus), is onderzoek gedaan naar de effectiviteit van verschillende marketingcampagnes binnen drie klantgroepen. Het onderzoek is mede tot stand gekomen dankzij CELTH. Het Groot Campagne Onderzoek Podiumkunsten (PDF, Dutch) Breda university of Applied Sciences

VSBfonds & MIcompany

Bigger audience thanks to fact-based marketing in the cultural sector

Because the cultural sector in the Netherlands started to lag behind when it came to the application of new, data-led marketing techniques, the VSBfonds decided to use an extensive financial impulse to secure the help of MIcompany, a prestigious agency in the field of fact-based marketing and commercial data analytics. In collaboration with Peppered, valuable insights were created that could increase the audience reach of cultural institution in the Netherlands significantly. Meer publiek dankzij fact-based marketing in de culturele sector (PDF, Dutch) MIcompany VSBfonds

The Audience Agency

Audience Finder & Peppered: integration and synergy

Audience Finder is the data platform used by cultural institutions in the United Kingdom to collaborate on audience insight. The Audience Agency helps cultural institutions to increase the audience reach, and the integration with the Peppered Platform in turn helps the Audience Agency to achieve this objective. With the knowledge on the existing and potential audiences, the Peppered Platform marketing channels (web, e-mail) are enriched with the information on how to further personalise the customer approach. In turn, the Peppered Platform data can be used as an extra data layer in the Audience Finder to gather even more and detailed knowledge on your audience. The result is that both systems work together on enhancing the insight into potential target groups, increasing customer engagement within the customer groups, an enriched personal user experience, and an increase in the audience reach. The Audience Agency

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