Last updated: 2 April 2019 - Read time: 1:52 min

Redesign at any moment: more freedom of movement in the online world

The website renewal cycle used by cultural organisations isn’t always aligned with the need for a fresh look. Indeed, there should be no limits at all to switching up your design, style or profile whenever and as often as you like.

As a result, we feel strongly about having disconnected the technical basic infrastructure of the Peppered Platform from the ‘graphic shell’. It means we can facilitate continuous development of the technical functionalities while the graphic shell can be amended and changed at all times. One of the advantages is that you can consider a change to the visual identity as a completely separate matter from technological changes. Matters such as customer data, accounts, opt-ins, order flow, basket items all remain untouched and are fully visible again “the next day”, only now with a brand new look.


More and more often, we see that cultural institutions (particularly in Belgium) want to change theme or design every season, for instance. Where this used to be a choice between either making limited changes to the website (“we want to change the header”) or creating a new design for the website, a complete redesign is increasingly the chosen option nowadays. A different setup for your homepage, a completely different colour scheme for all channels, etc.: these options are simple, quick and cost-effective. Even an ‘old-fashioned’ change to the house style may benefit from a sole focus without immediately turning into an elaborate technical conundrum. Examples from the National Theatre and Luxor Theatre show that it is possible to achieve an entirely new website ‘overnight’, whilst in actual fact, it is just a new and custom-made overcoat in tune with this season’s fashion.

We improve the ‘engine’ of your website every week as it is; the changes to your website are yours to choose.

In short: Cherish your freedom

The theatre of today may not be the same as your organisation twelve months from now. As such, don’t tie yourself into a traditional 3-year to 5-year cycle where you have to stipulate your choice now. We improve the ‘engine’ of your website every week as it is; the changes to your website are yours to choose, however you want as far as frequency and timing is concerned.

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