Last updated: 5 April 2019 - Read time: 1:10 min

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The visitor is the starting point of an optimal marketing strategy. But whether the visitor actually experiences your good intentions depends to a large extent on how the systems are set up.

Two starting points: the system or the visitor?

Which one do you choose?

Of course your organisation is focussing on website, ticketing, CRM, planning, etc. It helps you make a profit, but is often also causing headaches over the complex web of systems and processes with a network of links and interdependencies that has been built over time. It is not uncommon for organisations to realise that they have come to a point where it all just becomes too complex, too susceptible to error and: too expensive.

System as a starting point: Systems and functions are traditionally connected to each other, and are sometimes replaced and expanded. Complexity quickly takes over, and the danger that the visitor experiences this is lurking. Features of this approach:

  • Diffuse
  • Inefficient
  • Unsafe (GDPR)
  • Challenge to manage all touchpoints with the customer

Visitor as a starting point: With the increased complexity of the online spectrum, it may be advisable to re-think your system. The goal is to make the visitor join all the important ‘touchpoints’, this way making the visitor leading in the architecture of techniques.

Features of this approach:

  • Safe
  • Transparent
  • Data logging on every touchpoint
  • Use (logged) data on each channel
  • User friendly
  • Personal


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