For optimal use of the system, Peppered pays a lot of attention to personal service, documentation and support, aimed at continuous growth and development.

Personal service

Personal service is our top priority, which is why we are always here for you through multiple channels. So in case you have a question or problem, we are happy to help you via one of the following ways.

Chat, ticket and phone

The Peppered service desk can be reached via a couple of accessible channels: an individual chat channel (Slack), direct contact with our colleagues by telephone and an extensive service portal ensure that you receive good and fast help at all times. As a Peppered user you will find the service telephone number on the dashboard.

24/7 emergency phone

The online environment of your organisation plays an important role in the provision of services to the public. That’s why we use high-quality hosting solutions and continuously work on the stability and quality of the system. However, something can always go wrong, such as an unexpected malfunction or a hiccup in the sale. Because breakdowns do not always adhere to office hours, we are available 24/7 via our emergency number for breaking issues. As a Peppered user you will find the emergency telephone number on the dashboard.

Text alert

An enormous number of automatic processes are continuously running in the background that monitor the operation of the system. They give us signals when something threatens to go wrong or something has unexpectedly gone wrong. If this affects the systems your organisation uses, we’ll send a text message so that you are aware of the malfunction and we can give you an expectation of the resolution time.


Through our wide range of documentation, we help your organisation get the best out of the Peppered system.


Peppered has an extensive library of manuals. As a Peppered user you can find them on our service portal. Also, a link in the dashboard automatically refers to the appropriate manual for the function in question.

Annual check-up

In addition to various contact moments that we have during the year, we plan a moment each year to look together at the use of the system. We prepare a report, give tips and show best practices, all focused on your organisation's situation and relevant themes and issues. This report is discussed together; this way we know for sure that we are completely up to par on the important themes.

Training and webinars

During our training courses and webinars, we explain everything about our system so that you can confidently get behind the controls yourself.


We offer an active training that starts during the implementation process in which we guide you through the system. But even after that, our training courses are useful for refreshing the knowledge of new or existing employees.


Throughout the year we organize webinars on relevant themes (think of pre-sales, corona functionalities and streaming), but also after each release to give you an introduction to the latest functionalities. This way you’ll update your knowledge quickly and efficiently.