Peppered suite

With the modules from Peppered, you get the building blocks for your:

  • website
  • e-mail
  • marketing automation and CRM
  • data & content platform
  • digital signage

All these modules are specially designed for cultural organisations. The different modules can be used in combination with your existing online tools.



  • Mobile first
  • Personalised web experience
  • Multiple options for combining events and content
  • Improved usability, ticketing funnel fully incorporated in the website
  • Efficient connection with other marketing channels, e.g., mail, narrowcasting, ticketing

Used by organisations that want to:

  • Make the website part of the personal customer journey
  • Focus on design, while giving full substance to the underlying technical processes
  • Spend more time on content marketing rather than online administration



  • Easy to implement newsletters
  • Personal and service oriented
  • Safe, GDPR-compliant and beyond

Used by organisations that want to:

  • Use email to enhance the relationship with your customers and online visitors
  • Have a hassle-free mail setup, with a full and safe embedment in website

Marketing automation/CRM


  • Automated email
  • Service mails
  • Wishlist reminders
  • Abandoned shopping cart mail
  • Data driven
  • Safe, GDPR-compliant and beyond

Used by organisations that want to:

  • Use mail to add to the service offering
  • Unlock the full potential of visitors engaging online
  • Have a hassle-free mail setup, with a comprehensive and safe embedment in your website



  • Data and content hub
  • Connecting and combining planning and ticketing software
  • Feeds/API for external connections
  • Query builder helping you put data from all digital channels on a personal level to use (web stats, mail, ticketing, personal data)
  • Foundation for dashboarding
  • Universal data architecture

Used by organisations that want to:

  • Connect multiple modules to improve interconnectivity
  • Simplify mutual processes between web, ticketing, planning, mail, narrowcasting

Digital signage


  • Efficient and easy use of digital screens
  • Multiple channels
  • HTML-based
  • Fully incorporated and connected to content/data from your website
  • Fully tailored to your needs and designs

Used by organisations that want to:

  • Use digital screens to inform their visitors of key messages
  • Experience a hassle-free admin of your digital signage
  • Deliver the best viewer experience, with bright and vivid graphics and videos

Peppered's four promises

All Peppered modules come with our four promises:

(software as a service)
 Continuous development  Tailored to the cultural sector  Tailored to your organisation

Read more about our promises on the page The all-inclusive solution.

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