Peppered suite

With the modules from Peppered, you get the building blocks for your:

  • website
  • e-mail
  • marketing automation and CRM
  • data & content platform
  • digital signage

All these modules are specially designed for cultural organisations. The different modules can be used in combination with your existing online tools.



  • Mobile first
  • Personalised web experience
  • Multiple options for combining events and content
  • Improved usability, ticketing funnel fully incorporated in the website
  • Efficiënt connection with other marketing channels, e.g., mail, narrowcasting, ticketing

Used by organisations that want to:

  • Make the website part of the personal customer journey
  • Focus on design, while giving full substance to the underlying technical processes
  • Spend more time on content marketing rather than online administration



  • Easy to implement newsletters
  • Personal and service oriented
  • Safe, GDPR-compliant and beyond

Used by organisations that want to:

  • Use email to enhance the relationship with your customers and online visitors
  • Have a hassle-free mail setup, with a full and safe embedment in website

Marketing automation/CRM


  • Automated email
  • Service mails
  • Wishlist reminders
  • Abandoned shopping cart mail
  • Data driven
  • Safe, GDPR-compliant and beyond

Used by organisations that want to:

  • Use mail to add to the service offering
  • Unlock the full potential of visitors engaging online
  • Have a hassle-free mail setup, with a comprehensive and safe embedment in your website



  • Data and content hub
  • Connecting and combining planning and ticketing software
  • Feeds/API for external connections
  • Query builder helping you put data from all digital channels on a personal level to use (web stats, mail, ticketing, personal data)
  • Foundation for dashboarding
  • Universal data architecture

Used by organisations that want to:

  • Connect multiple modules to improve interconnectivity
  • Simplify mutual processes between web, ticketing, planning, mail, narrowcasting

Digital signage


  • Efficient and easy use of digital screens
  • Multiple channels
  • HTML-based
  • Fully incorporated and connected to content/data from your website
  • Fully tailored to your needs and designs

Used by organisations that want to:

  • Use digital screens to inform their visitors of key messages
  • Experience a hassle-free admin of your digital signage
  • Deliver the best viewer experience, with bright and vivid graphics and videos

Peppered's four promises

All Peppered modules come with our four promises:

(software as a service)
 Continuous development  Tailored to the cultural sector  Tailored to your organisation

Read more about our promises on the page The all-inclusive solution.

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During our live demo, we'll give you a 60-minute tour of both the front and back of the system and show how our users use the many features of our system in an efficient and professional way. Register for the demo via Webinargeek.


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