Concert venue De Bijloke

For years, a small team of concert venue De Bijloke, located in an old medieval hospital, has been satisfactorily working with the Peppered framework.

Working efficiently with a small team

By making good use of all the efficiency benefits such as central data storage, flexible content, automatic mailings, etc., De Bijloke can deploy the Peppered system as a well-oiled marketing device and present their programme in a very attractive way, without the need for a large online marketing team or budget. "The feature that saves me the most time is the newsletters: you no longer have to cut and paste them, but you can easily create them based on what is already on your website in terms of text and images", says Karel Lievens, Marketing Manager at The Bijloke.

"I especially like the fact that the Peppered-system continuously develops, so that you don't have to think about a new website every few years or so."

- Karel Lievens, Marketing Manager at De Bijloke