Smart software

Of course our system enables you to setup and maintain your website and e-mail tooling. But if you really want to make an impact, the software needs to be powerful and manageable, rich and efficient. Exactly what you need as a cultural organisation.

A smooth customer journey

Harmonize all your touchpoints, from first online visit, to a trip to your venue, and follow-up with an invite for the next visit. Cover all communication channels and deliver personalized content at the right time, to the proper audience.


Save time

Peppered is able to automate your processes, but you can take full control whenever you want. Some handy tools that will help you cut time are the crop tool that makes your images fit perfectly wherever you'd like them, narrowcasting, auto markup for mailings, and the option to automate tasks and prepare future campaigns.

Control of your data

Upgrade your ticketing data by giving it more context. Reach your full potential audience, not just ticket buyers. Put your data to work, and discover what it can do for you.

Extend your knowledge

Learn from experts from all relevant fields and see the results your organisation makes by putting these new insights into work.

Find inspiration in others

Join the club! Peppered is a collective of venues, which allows for finding inspiration in others.

Simplify your IT landscape

Connect your other IT-systems seamlessly, to create a fluid workflow without any hustle.

We take care of the rest

Such as cookies, SEO technology, GDPR compliancy, etcetera.


Highlighted features

Get inspired by some of our handy features. 

Organise a customer friendly peak sale with Time Slots

In collaboration with De Kleine Komedie we have developed the Time Slots functionality. This allows you to handle peak sales smoothly and in a customer-friendly way, because visitors no longer have to…

Working data-driven with the Query Builder

The Query Builder is a powerful feature, which realises a major step towards data-driven working. With this functionality you can easily and quickly collect all visitors that are relevant to your mark…

Attract new visitors with the Ambassador feature

Together with the Stadsschouwburg and Philharmonie Haarlem, we have developed a functionality with which the audience reach can be increased via promoters.

Streaming via Peppered

The ins and outs of streaming via Peppered

Amare creates a content platform

The Stories feature makes it easy to place different types of media on your website in a smart, advanced way.

Light login

Log in with a few clicks and on again; light login is the new way to log in quickly and securely.