Inclusivity with HNTunlimited

In collaboration with Het Nationale Theater we are working on an increasingly accessible website.

Photo of Het Nationale Theater © Goedkroon media
"A disability shouldn't be a barrier to going to the theatre" - Martijn Westerop, diversity and inclusion marketer at HNT


With the HNTunlimited programme, Het Nationale Theater makes performances accessible to more and more people. “We think it is important to be able to show, hear or feel our offer to everyone; a disability should not be a barrier to going to the theatre. That is why we offer accessibility means for a number of performances and we make adjustments, so that deaf and hard of hearing, blind and partially sighted people and people with a high sensitivity to stimuli can also enjoy theater”, says Martijn Westerop, diversity and inclusion marketer at HNT. 

Not only the theatre, but also the online environment should be accessible to people with disabilities. Together with HNT, we are therefore improving the accessibility of the Peppered websites.

An accessible website

Peppered has been committed to complying with WCAG guidelines (international accessibility standards for websites) for some time now, as previously a project in this area was done with Voo?uit in Ghent. We are therefore pleased that HNT is now working on this so seriously, that it offers the opportunity to take really big steps in this regard. After all, accessibility is a combination of technology, design and content. Thanks to this focus of HNT and the fact that they have engaged an independent expert for research, we have discovered several opportunities for improvement. We are now tackling these together and implementing them, so that all our users can already comply with them technologically and so that we can create cases together with HNT to help others as well.

WCAG Quick Guide

Would you like to get started with digital accessibility yourself? Download your WCAG Quick Guide with all the necessary information.

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