The all inclusive solution

We offer our powerful software as a service, which makes Peppered the all inclusive marketing solution: with a subscription to our software, your cultural organisation has all the tools and knowledge it needs in one place, for a fixed price per month. 

Continuous development

We continuously improve our software and thereby the tools our members use, so your organisation can focus on more important things while remaining innovative. Due to this continuous development, you can enjoy our products for as long as you’d like, instead of merely a couple of years until the software is outdated. For a fixed price per month you are able to keep on using the latest software available. 

Collective approach

Peppered is a collective of venues; we believe in the collective power of the cultural sector. All cultural organisations subscribed to our service use the same software, which allows for sharing knowledge and costs with many other cultural organisations throughout Europe.

Tailored to your organisation

While Peppered offers the benefits of a knowledgeable collective, our products can be tailored to your organisation. The technological framework of our products are shared with all users, but you are in charge of personalising it according to your organisation’s wishes and needs. 

Personal guidance

We make sure that Peppered contributes to your success by guaranteeing our personal guidance in every step of the way: from the technological implementation to a 24/7 available servicedesk, trainings, webinars and annual check-ups. Find out more about our 5-star service on our support page.

Success stories

From theatres to orchestras, from small to large institutions, Peppered already helps more than 70 cultural organisations with successful marketing solutions.

Concert venue De Bijloke

For years, a small team of concert venue De Bijloke, located in an old medieval hospital, has been satisfactorily working with the Peppered framework.