Sublicenses are the latest extension in Peppered's proposition. A full use of the system, but at a huge discount. This discount is roughly 50% of the regular costs. The final costs depend on the size of the partner organisation and the use of certain modules.

A professional online environment, without barriers

Sublicenses are intended for smaller organisations that want to have a professional online domain, but cannot bear the full cost. Think of theatres that want to set up a separate domain for their external location(s) via a sublicense, a completely own website for a festival, the in-house theatre company or the business function.

With a sublicense you enjoy exactly the same functionalities as your primary Peppered environment, but at 50% of the normal rate. This is possible because we run the contract and primary contact lines through a ‘main contractor’, an existing Peppered user.

“With the sublicenses we make local cooperation in the online field even more accessible.”

- Mathijs Bouwman, Managing Director of Peppered

Benefits & condition


  • Completely own environment, own installation, design, database, domain name, etc.
  • Full use of Peppered’s modules
  • Costs 50% of the normal rate
  • No limitation in functionality or use, including hosting, unlimited mailing, further development, free use of new functionalities, ticketing integration, etc.

Condition of the sublicense is that the contract and the contact run through the main user.

"A model that meets limited financial possibilities,
without compromising on the functionalities."

- Andy Van den Bliek, ICT coordinator De Warande

These users preceded you ...

The Zomer in O summer festival in Oostende, as part of Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post and education centre DINAMO as part of Warande. These are two examples of collaboration between organisations through a sublicense.

Andy van den Bliek, ICT coordinator of de Warande: “We also work and house a number of smaller organisations in Cultuurhuis de Warande that we try to support in their operation in every possible way. We found in Peppered an excellent partner who could meet the limited financial possibilities with the sublicense model without having to compromise on the possibilities within the platform.”

Frequently Asked Questions