Streaming via Peppered

Since the beginning of the corona crisis, streaming has become a popular solution for theaters. That is why we soon offered our streaming option, which provides Peppered users with all the techniques to easily organise (live)streams. This option is included in the Peppered package, so it does not entail any additional costs. We are happy to explain the benefits and how it works.

The advantages at a glance

On your own domain

By streaming via your own domain, you keep everything in one place. Handy and familiar, for you and the visitor!



A powerful tool as you are used to from us: “no worries” about the technique when you go live.


Livestreams can be flexibly expanded with all kinds of functions, such as a chat or a poll.


User friendly

Visitors log in via their own account; it’s a familiar experience and easier purchase for the customer.


Our streaming option connects seamlessly with your ticketing system.


Easy to set up

You have set up a streaming via Peppered in no time. We explain how it works below.

How does it work?

You’re all set for your first stream in just a few steps.

Choose a professional streaming service

First determine with which streaming service you want to offer your videos on the website, such as Vimeo or Youtube.

Create an exclusive page

Create a page and integrate the stream here. By using visitor tags you create selective access to that page. Online visitors to the website can log in via their own account and only gain access if they meet a certain criterion, for example if they have bought a ticket or if they are known as a “friend”.

Give attention to your video

You should be proud of your page, so give it some extra attention! For example, start with a personal welcome message, such as “Hi, you now have exclusive access to our live event”. You can also give attention to the event on other parts of the website. For example, adjust the “My theater”-menu by adding a link to the streaming page for accounts that have access to it. In addition, it is possible to show them a custom showcase on the homepage and to add a direct link to your stream in “My calendar”.

Let’s get to work!

Do you want to get started with streaming? Take a look at the manual about (live)streams on our service portal for more information. 

Frequently asked questions