Digital accessibility

At Peppered, we believe that everyone should be able to make good use of websites and enjoy everything the cultural sector has to offer. Together we can take care of this.

What is digital accessibility?

Digital accessibility stands for an inclusive digital society in which everyone can participate fully and equally. People with disabbilities can have a hard time visiting websites that aren't optimally accessible. These disabilities can be visual, auditory, cognitive and motorial problems. In addition, websites are not always accessible for the illiterate and elderly. Together we can ensure that all websites are easy to visit for everyone.


Increasingly more countries and institutions have/want to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This topic is also becoming increasingly important to cultural organisations. How about your website, is it accessible yet?


Creating an accessible website

An accessible website is a combination of design, content and technology. That's certainly not easy, but we are happy to help you. We continuously work on improving our technology, so that your website meets the guidelines as much as possible from this basis, and we give you advice on design and content choices. Together we build an accessible website for your organisation.

More about digitial accessibility 

Getting started with accessibility? Download the WCAG Quick Guide to learn how your organisation comply with the WCAG.


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