Collective of inspiration and information

With Peppered you do not only work with a system, but you are also part of a network of like-minded colleagues: people with the same passion for culture who face or have faced exactly the same issues. This not only makes work more fun, it inspires you to get more out of the system, and thus more out of yourself and your organisation.

“With a multitude of high-quality solutions, solid integrations with several proven systems, a weekly update of the system, the subscription model and the power of a collective consisting of dozens of connected organisations, Peppered delivers a unique proposition."

- Wouter Vermeylen, CEO Yesplan

Sharing is multiplying

Some examples of the synergy that the joint produces:

  • Sector-wide research in collaboration with knowledge institutions
  • Collective approach to themes (GDPR, accessibility, etc.)
  • Inspiration days
  • Drinks :)
  • Behind the scene peeks at colleagues
  • Working visits