About us

Peppered is the online marketing platform designed specifically for the cultural sector. With this platform, cultural institutions such as theaters, filmhouses, museums and concert halls can manage and carry out their online activities regarding their website, e-mail, ticketing and customer contact.

How it all started...

Back to the year 2000

18 years ago, whilst studying mathematics at one of Holland’s top technical universities, Coen took a job helping his local theatre navigate the then little trodden paths of the worldwide web – thus Peppered was born. Over the past two decades, Peppered has played an increasingly important role in The Netherland’s cultural sector’s digital adoption and development. By expanding across Europe and transforming Peppered into a collective system of cultural organisations, Coen has continued to refine support for a sector with unique characteristics and challenges, providing superior solutions at a lower cost. As of 2018, Peppered’s Rotterdam offices boast 11 employees, serving almost 70 venues across The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Coen still hasn’t finished that maths degree…

Unique collective approach

Share knowledge, development, costs

Peppered works in a collective model in which all participating cultural institutions share the same technical framework. This way they also share insights, knowledge, costs, best practices and inspiration. This is based on the conviction that cultural organisations of any kind all have the same needs and desires. So if we share those common needs, time, space and money can be used for other important matters.

Unique holistic technical approach

all channels in one place

The Peppered Platform is a system that offers all important digital channels in a mutual connection with each other. This involves website, e-mail, narrowcasting and online ticketing processes (in which we cooperate with ticketing systems). The dashboard is the core of the system, where all different components can be easily configured and modified. Because of this holistic approach, all channels (including ticketing) are available for use at any time and place, making it possible to significantly improve customer experience and marketing strategies for customers.