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Mollie & Peppered: example of collective strength

Sometimes the collaboration within our client base is reflected in a traditional buying collective. One of the latest examples of this is the collaboration with Mollie, which has led to enormous technical improvements to the way in which we process payments.

The collaboration between Mollie and Peppered has resulted in advantages for every aspect and party. See the main advantages below: Voor uw organisatie

  1. utilising the latest ‘payment service provider’ technology
  2. and following on from this: fewer incorrect payments and transactions
  3. extensive dashboards for your payments, payment types, etc.
  4. clear summarised overview of daily or weekly turnover
  5. less noise, by cutting down contract parties

For Peppered see point 2. and 3. in the previous 👆 Some explanation on this point: Where in many traditional variants the order is actually completed when the visitor returns to the website (because the website only at that point actively requests what the payment status is) in the case of Mollie this works differently. Mollie gives the Peppered Platform an active signal when the payment is made, in a direct approach from Mollie to Peppered, without being dependent of the actions of the visitor. This provides a very reliable solution when it comes to dealing with transactions.

Before and after Mollie

Cutting down contract parties

With the combining power of the collective, we have developed a technical collaboration with Mollie that is more stable and cost-effective. With less contract parties, the clarity of this – traditionally complicated – piece of the online sales channel gets a positive boost.

Grafische uitwerking situatie met en zonder Mollie

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