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Keep all the plates spinning

When it comes to their online approach, cultural institutions are more like major e-commerce organisations than, say, the local bakery. With many developments, you cannot afford to fall behind on the major players, even though the marketing departments often differ significantly in size.

Working with personal data, peak sales, close-knit sales structures (season passes!), social media, 24/7 customer service, SEO, privacy regulations, website maintenance, etcetera. Some organisations struggle to stay in control of all these aspects. Furthermore, focusing on new developments or implementing new technologies often affects their ability to get their “regular” work done: promoting performances, etcetera.

That is why we look carefully at what aspects can be taken care of “collectively.” This lets us support cultural organisations on their path forward, without requiring them to invent the wheel (or pay for it) themselves again and again.

Some examples:

  • Development of new parts and modules
    • Modules are developed in such a way that others can also use them
    • Modules are easy to use and implement
    • Think of support for multiple languages, a new cast module, light accounts, etcetera.
  • Developments pertaining to privacy (GDPR)
    • Modification and optimisation of technology
    • Drawing up legal documentation
  • Website maintenance (licences, certificates, security, SEO)
  • Modifications implemented by third parties
    • Google, Facebook, etcetera.
    • External systems (ticketing systems, planning systems, etcetera)
  • Etc.

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