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Get rid of dull monotonous tasks: spend your time usefully

In order to properly transmit your your message you need time, love and attention, meaning: people. Employees who can spend as many hours as possible writing beautiful content, telling your story, and enthusing your audience.

Too often however, we see that theater marketers spend their time on administrative and repetitive processes. Instead of sending that recruiting e-mail, a lot of time is wasted on the process around it, looking for the right images, texts, the address files for sending, etc. That is a shame and above all: not necessary. We created a system that allows you to tell your story without losing precious energy and time.

De croptool ~ een van de voorbeelden waarmee we het leven van theatermedewerkers proberen te vergemakkelijken

Save time, and spend it on more important parts of the job

Peppered Platform & Luxor Theater (Rotterdam)

In fact, this characteristic of the Peppered Platform is invariably mentioned as one of the most valuable. Ruben Israel, head of marketing at the Luxor Theater Rotterdam: “In the past, my employees literally spent many hours a week on managing all the different systems we used. With the Peppered Platform that’s a thing of the past: the system ensures that all information is readily available in one place, and therefore only needs to be managed in one place. Sending an e-mail or adjusting an image for an event, it is all arranged in one go. My employees now have the time to deploy their creative and marketing strengths, which leads to great ideas, concepts, plans. That’s how we put Luxor on the map and increase sales.”

"My employees now have the time to create attractive content, and tell our story. And that's what sells, ultimately. "

Ruben Israël ~ Marketing & sales manager Luxor Theater

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