Last updated: 2 April 2019 - Read time: 1:35 min

Extra customer service, via marketing automation

When it comes to the developments surrounding marketing automation, the customer’s interests are just as important as the results for your organisation (more revenue, increased efficiency). Luckily, studies have shown that the interests of customers and those of the organisation itself are exactly the same.

“Consumers genuinely view microcampaigns as an excellent service,” says Mathijs Bouwman, who conducts research at Peppered. “When you think about it, that makes perfect sense. People receive an email that is triggered by something they did just moments before. For example, when people are reminded that an event they have placed on their wish list is about to sell out. To recipients, it makes sense to receive such a message.”


From 52 newsletters per year to 52 service messages per day

The more relevant your messages become, the more specific you have to target your audience. A general newsletter is written from the organisation’s perspective. Marketing automation and microcampaigns are about messages triggered by the visitor, e.g. when they abandon their shopping cart, to wish them a happy birthday or to remind them of a concert on their wish list that will be held next week.

From 52 newsletters per year to 52 service messages per day

That means emails (or other campaigns) have to be targeted towards specific audiences. “Sometimes, we sent an email to just a few dozen people,” says Mathijs Bouwman, who worked as head of marketing at Concertgebouw de Doelen in Rotterdam before joining Peppered. “The message it contained was something those people were truly interested in. Marketing automation makes it possible to send a ton of such messages every day.” Marketing automation allows you to raise your quality of service to the next level; not just by using “personal triggers,” but also by personalising messages based on a persona or by making personal recommendations. These are all examples of small processes that can go a long way to keep customers happy.

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