Last updated: 6 March 2020 - Read time: 1:30 min

CRO: more conversion out of existing visits

The purpose of CRO, short for Conversion Rate Optimization, is to create more conversion based on the traffic on your website.

During the #peppered2020 edition of our annual Peppered seminar we took a deep dive into the matter

We did so under the inspiring leadership of Maurice Beerthuyzen, who does the same work for, among others, the Efteling. Maurice thoroughly went through the Analytics, web and mail data of 22 of our customers. He analyzed heat and click maps, and gave useful recommendations about what goes well and what can (should) be improved.

Where do your visitors come and "click"?

CRO optimization is a combination of technology and content

Both must be optimally designed to give your website visitor a pleasant, smooth and barrier-free experience. The visitor has to find what he is looking for, but he does not necessarily look in the place where you as a marketer put the information.

The screenshot below gives a good impression of the visitor hotspots. Keep this in mind when creating content for your visitor. Personalization, matching your content to the profile, is another way to ensure that the right information reaches the right people.

CRO - essential in marketing policy

In addition to creating more traffic to your website – via SEO and SEA – CRO should be an integral part of theater policy

After all, it is a shame if you put a lot of effort in further opening the tap, while forgetting to close the holes in the bucket.

That is why we now also give CRO a permanent place in our research and training program. For this, inspired by many good examples from our own clientele and other brands such as Efteling, we work closely together with Maurice Beerthuyzen to ensure an optimal harvest of traffic on the website, and together sell more tickets.

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