Last updated: 4 April 2019 - Read time: 1:5 min

Data driven marketing: our approach and promises

When dealing with data, it is about utilising the valuable opportunities that are available, always with conscious attention to the customer. That is why we first thoroughly test all functionalities for impact and success, for both the organisation and the customer.

Peppered is supported by knowledge institutions in research into the possibilities and (sensible) application of data-driven marketing. Joint research is being conducted into interesting trends and developments. Because the data is monitored on a personal level on every channel (web, mail, ticketing, social), a deep insight is created into the touch points with the customer; the opportunities, the exit moments, etc.

The knowledge gained from this research is directly applied in the creation of new campaigns. Because all channels are integrated in one system, all channels can also offer the customer a personal experience based on data. These new applications are then re-examined, optimised, etc. Thus creating a closed research- and data driven marketing loop.

  • Full customer insight: from Google to the personal behaviour on the website and e-mail
  • All touchpoints with the customer in a one system
  • Use customer insight wherever you want: make the web and mail experience personal
  • Safety first: clarity, simplicity, and safety when working with personal data
  • Hands on and practical advice in the application of data driven marketing techniques, legislation, etc.

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