Last updated: 2 April 2019 - Read time: 1:32 min

Central content management: save time, avoid errors

People in marketing departments do a ton of work involving content management. From the initial information about new programmes to the final changes prior to a performance, all that content has to be drawn up, managed and kept up to date across all channels that the organisation utilises.

“Every channel that has to be managed separately is one too many,” says Ivo van der Ent, who works as product manager at Peppered and is responsible for the functional operation and innovation of the Peppered platform. It is a shame to waste talented people on menial tasks. That is why we have set up the Platform in such a way that all information can be managed from one central location, from which it is then distributed across the channels.”

It can literally save people hours of work, which can be put to good use on other tasks

Ivo van der Ent ~ Product manager Peppered

Distribution centre for content

Save hours every week

All channels on the Peppered Platform, website, email, ticketing and any displays used in the foyers: they are all controlled from the same dashboard. That means that texts, images and all other content are available across all channels. For example the visual content for events, it’s updated, scaled and adjusted to the needs of every channel automatically. 

The system asks you to upload an image in as large a format as possible. The dashboard’s intelligent distribution function then does the rest. It edits the image to create the right dimensions and ratios, uses black and white where necessary (e.g. on e-tickets) and basically allows you to sit back and relax after that initial action. “Although it is an old feature of the system, many (new) customers still get very excited about it. It can literally save people hours of work, which can be put to good use on other tasks,” says Ivo van der Ent.

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