Last updated: 25 March 2020 - Read time: 1:52 min

Beauty ánd brains: turn your website into an intelligent channel

Compare your website to a store. You welcome your customers as they come in, they look around and maybe care for some personal advice. You can offer that same service and experience on your website!

A couple of things are necessary to make this possible: recognise your customers straight away; know their preferences and behaviour, what do they look at and what are they interested in.

Intelligence on a personal level

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Peppered developed an advanced technique to link the Platform to every single part of your ticketing system through an API connection, which allows us to enrich the customer experience by making it much more intelligent and truly personal: the moment someone visits the homepage the website knows who the visitor is on a personal level. Customer history, preferences and interests are known, as well as if it is a friend, a donor or an ambassador. This customer recognition continues until the last step of the (possible) order. This way the visitor never leaves your ‘store’ and you can help him choose in every step of the way. This makes for a pleasant experience in which ordering tickets is a stress-free and simple process.

The benefits for the theater marketers are significant: because the complete online customer behaviour can be monitored (on a personal level), we gather an enormous amount of information. Also of the people who have not yet made a purchase: when it comes to growing your audience this is perhaps even more valuable information, as it allows you to pick up on the latent interests of your visitors. The Platform links all this data to ticketing and e-mailing behaviour. In this way a complete customer insight is created and all possibilities for personal marketing through each channel are unlocked.

The technique of a complete customer journey

Available to everyone

The technique for making the customer journey into one whole has many applications. Customer recognition on the homepage, giving privileges and playing with priority of certain customer groups, automatically calculating personas, the personal e-mail if someone has left something in his shopping cart … These are just a few examples of strategies that we’ve developed together with our customers from the cultural sector, and are available to everyone who works with the Peppered Platform.

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