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Google Analytics 4: what is it and why configure it now?

Google recently announced that the current version of Google Analytics (known as Universal Analytics (UA)) will be phased out on 1 July 2023, and the torch will be passed to Google Analytics 4. (GA4).…

Working data-driven with the Query Builder

The Query Builder is a powerful feature, which realises a major step towards data-driven working. With this functionality you can easily and quickly collect all visitors that are relevant to your mark…

The Innovators

The Innovators is an R&D team consisting of a number of cultural organisations and Peppered. Together they focus on devising and executing marketing experiments, checking the value of these innovation…

Hosting at the highest level

Good hosting is essential to keep your website, narrowcasting and mail environment safe, stable and running at high speed. Take a look behind the scenes in a special vlog, in which we show you our hos…

Attract new visitors with the Ambassador feature

Together with the Stadsschouwburg and Philharmonie Haarlem, we have developed a fun new functionality that enables theatres to work in an intelligent, effective way to increase audience reach. With th…

Digital open coffee for the cultural sector

Are you involved in marketing, communication or audience participation within the cultural sector? And did you miss the digital Open Coffee on January 25, 2022? No worries, we've got you covered with …

Light login

Log in with a few clicks and on again; identifying online visitors isn't getting any easier than this. Light login is the new way to log in quickly and securely. Our Product Manager Ivo tells you all …

Streaming via Peppered

Since the beginning of the corona crisis, streaming has become a popular solution for theaters. That is why we soon offered our streaming option, which provides Peppered users with all the techniques …

Amare creates Stories

In collaboration with Amare - the new culture house on Spuiplein in The Hague - we are creating the Stories feature, which makes it easy to place different types of media on a Peppered website in a sm…

Concert venue De Bijloke

For years, a small team of concert venue De Bijloke, located in an old medieval hospital, has been satisfactorily working with the Peppered framework.

Organise a successful (pre)sale during the corona crisis

It has been more than a year since the cultural sector was suddenly hit by corona. As a result, the 2020 presale period became one big improvisation of canceling, putting back on sale, rescheduling an…

5 essential safeguards for your website and email

Proper security of your website and e-mail is essential, for yourself, your organisation and its visitors. In this article, we'll walk you through some essential security measures that you simply shou…

Create accessible content with these 5 tips

What should you consider when creating content to optimise it for the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)? We help you out with these five tips.

Digital accessibility

At Peppered, we believe that everyone should be able to make good use of websites and enjoy everything the cultural sector has to offer. Together we can take care of this.

7 benefits of SaaS websites

Looking for a sustainable website with high-quality technology, suitable for your organisation and budget? Then a website offered via SaaS (Software as a Service) might be something for you! Peppered …

Inclusivity with HNTunlimited

In collaboration with Het Nationale Theater we are working on an increasingly accessible website.


Peppered continuously works on further developing the system through various 'development lines'. In addition to the internal roadmap, there is an important part of innovation themes, in which we work…

Research projects and pilots

Besides being a supplier of software, Peppered also stimulates knowledge and research in the cultural sector. Peppered is a partner in various knowledge and research projects. Below are some examples …


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